CHRI Lab Alumni

Doctoral Alumni

The completion of the doctoral thesis is one of many milestones during doctoral study.  The following individuals are graduates of U of I in the Clinical-Community program area.  Dr. Hunter served as the director of research for their doctoral projects.

Andrew D. Case, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
University of North Carolina-Charlotte
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Nancy Joseph, Ph.D.

Yara Mekawi, Ph.D.

Zhenni Wang, Ph.D.

Natalie N. Watson-Singleton, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Spelman College
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Masters Alumni

Completion of the Master’s Thesis is another important milestone in academic study. The following individuals are graduates of the Masters of Science in Psychological Science at the University of Illinois. Dr. Hunter served as their direct research supervisor.








Le’Elle Davis, B.A.

Rhyann Robinson M.S.

Former Research Assistants

Alaric Ortiz
Rithika Baskar
Johnnysha Shannon 
Allison Wyland 
Nicole Connors 
LaTianna M. Dumas 

Hamzzat O. Soyege