Current Projects

Focus of Research

Research projects in the CHRI lab are carried out with the goal of achieving health equity in the U.S. We seek to attain this goal through investigations focused on minority stressors and well-being. In order to impact intervention, prevention, and to end oppression we are particularly interested in exploring coping as well as the roles of identity and culture as risk and protective factors.

Ongoing Projects

Current research projects in the CHRI Lab include the following:

SIMS: This study examines how college students of color perceive their social identities and the relationship between these social identities, and whether this may relate to psychological outcomes such as wellbeing.

ASPIRE: The study focuses on a community intervention program for Black American adolescents in partnership with local after-school programs.

SOBS: This study explores how individual perspectives on in group/out group definitions, known as racial ideologies, influence feelings of belonging and connectedness with other Black Americans.

ROAR: This study explores how religious orientation and religious coping interacts to create positive well-being within Black Christian-identified communities.

More studies may also develop in addition to the ones listed throughout the academic year. To apply as an undergraduate research assistant with CHRI Lab, please submit your application using the instructions provided on our lab page:

Projects being conducted in the lab are in various stages in the publication pipeline.