Undergraduate Research Assistants

Johnnysha Shannon

(November 2018 – Present)
I am a sophomore double majoring in psychology and dance. Within the CHRI Lab I am currently reviewing articles from the NSAL that focus on religion and religious involvement among African Americans and Caribbean Blacks. The goal is to analyze these articles to determine what factors contribute to the reported levels of religious involvement.

Allison Wyland

(June 2019 – Present)

I am an undergraduate majoring in psychology with a clinical/community concentration. I have been working with the Cultural Heritage and Racial Identity lab since summer 2019. I am currently working on the Social Identity Mapping Study.

Chenhao Zhao

(August 2020 – Present)

I am a senior majoring in clinical/community psych. I’m currently working on quantitative data analysis in the Cultural Heritage and Racial Identity lab. I hope to use my clinical psych knowledge to cure people while using my community psych knowledge to prevent people from mental diseases by analyzing their protective and risk factors in the future.