Undergraduate Research Assistants

Nia Aldridge

(October 2021 – Present)

I am a junior majoring in clinical psychology. Within the lab, I am currently working on the qualitative data transcriptions for the ASPIRE program. I am interested in pursuing graduate school and doing further research in the development of schizophrenia-related disorders and autistic catatonia. I am also interested in what are the individual differences in risk & protective factors concerning emotional, social, and psychodynamic domains in young people.

Rithika Baskar

(June 2022 – Present)

I am a senior majoring in Astrophysics and Psychology. I’m working on transcriptions for the ASPIRE project in the CHRI Lab. I’m applying for Clonical Psychology PhD positions and my future career goal is to become a research psychologist examining the relationship between culture, minority status, and an individual’s thought processes. I’m also hoping to research the effectiveness of community based interventions in improving mental health in the population. In my free time, I enjoy painting, embroidery, cross-stitch, and watching tons of movies.

Alaric Ortiz

(June 2022 – Present)

I am a Senior Undergraduate student majoring in Clinical/Community Psychology. My goal is to work in medicine as either a care provider or an administrator, using multiculturalism to guide my interactions with people of many different backgrounds in an informed, sensitive way. Currently, I do transcription work for the ASPIRE project. Outside of this lab, I also work in the Vision Lab, and outside of all labs, I rock climb, ice skate, rollerblade, read, and write.

Gloria Yang

(June 2022 – Present)

I am a Junior majoring in Clinical/ Community Psychology with a minor in Public Relations. Being in the Cultural Heritage and Racial lab I am working on Social Identity Map Studies as well as transcriptions to further collect qualitative data. I hope to further my studies in graduate school and develop a stronger background in research. My hobbies include dancing, binge watching reality tv, and finding yummy restaurants!