Undergraduate Research Assistants

Chenhao Zhao

(August 2020 – Present)

I am a senior majoring in clinical/community psych. I’m currently working on quantitative data analysis in the Cultural Heritage and Racial Identity lab. I hope to use my clinical psych knowledge to cure people while using my community psych knowledge to prevent people from mental diseases by analyzing their protective and risk factors in the future.

Alyssa Choi

(May 2021 – Present)








I am a senior majoring is Clinical/Community Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Within the lab, I am working on the Social Identity Mapping Study (SIMS) and executing qualitative data transcriptions. I am interested in pursuing a doctorate degree in the future with a focus on 1.5-3rd generation Asian American immigrants. Outside of research, I love indulging in true crime novels with a good cup of coffee.